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Introduction to Copper Clad Laminates

Electronic components in electronic circuits are integrated and assembled on a board; this board is called a printed wiring board or printed circuit board. This hard and thick board is an alloy of different combinations which helps in giving a proper shape for electronic circuits. This board is mainly the combination of insulating and conducting layers, holes, vials, copper tracks pads, and some other components.

The PCB board itself is the center of PCB board manufactured from copper-clad laminate. CCL is basically a fiberglass substrate that is laminated with copper foils having epoxy resins. The fiberglass is also termed as pre peg because epoxy resins per-integrated. The fiberglass and other substrate materials like glass, wood pulp, fiber cloth, and paper are collectively called as reinforcing materials.

In the process of per-impregnation pressure and heat is applied at dry epoxy resins to make them melt so they can stick with reinforcing substrate material. The fiberglass is the most commonly used reinforcing material due to its dielectric properties. If you are looking for top quality high grade Copper Clad Laminate,s DK Enterprise is a one-stop solution for Copper Clad Laminates and leading manufacturer of premier Aluminum Copper Clad Laminate where you can get premium and tested CCL products.

Copper Clad Laminates

What makes a copper-clad laminate excellent?

The compatibility and reliability of a copper-clad laminates can be checked by keeping these aspects in mind.


There are some issues in the manufacturing process which can affect the appearance and durability of CCL. These issues include scratch, dent, wrinkle, resin point, bubbles, pinhole, etc. All these problems decrease the shelf life of CCL. A perfect CCL should be smooth and flat.


The size combination for PCB and CCL is a very important factor to be considered.  The size of CCL should be according to PCB and the parameters include width, length, and diagonal warp age.

Electric performance:

Electronic performance is the key factor for PCB to be checked. Check all the parameters which can affect electric performance like dielectric loss tangent, surface resistance, volume resistance, arc resistance, electric strength, dielectric breakdown voltage, comparative tracking index, etc.

Physical Performance:

Physical standards which are important for performance of a CCL includes heat resistance capacity peel strength, dimensional stability and punching quality.

Chemical performance:

Chemical performance of a CCL can be measured from the parameters of flammability, thermal expansion and chemical reagent resistance.

Environmental performance:

This is also an important point to be considered. In environmental performance water absorption ability is the main factor to be measured.

Further testing can be done by using IPC-TM-650 CCL testing.